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Wednesday, 17 September 2008


This week the KPWT came to town which meant loads of Pro riders everywhere and some seriously good competitions to watch. We went down to keep an eye on our new JN buddy Leander and act as his kite bitches for the day. If a kite needed pumping, lines needed preparing, or his helmet needed buffing we were there to sort him out, and get some pictures. He ended up ranking a very respectable 2nd in the Kite Pro World Tour. See www.leandervyvey.com for the cheeky scamp's website.

Pic: The Pantene brothers
Jokes aside it was good experience for both of us to watch the competition. Its a bewildering and stressful environment at the best of times! We also bumped into Mitu and Tik Tik, who we worked with in Cape Verde. It was great to see them, although they were not impressed with the waves compared with home, and rightly so.

Pic: Leander is very good at kitesurfing

The next day the freestyle finals were held in the lagoon at Cauipe. The Brazillians completely rocked and the atmosphere was amazing with so much local support. Was good to see the local guys completely kick ass and get some well deserved recognition.

Pic: The brazilians completely stole the show

It was also great to see Frango man sell so many sandwiches, he probably had a week off afterwards.

Pic: Frango man - purveyor of quality kite snacks