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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Getting owned (on camera)

I had a nice little swim at Bantham a couple of weeks back. I got munched and rolled by a wave, and binned the kite. My Go Pro HD got blasted off by the force of the wave, and went on a bit of a journey for a few days, and miraculously we found it washed up and it was 100% OK, even the footage was in tact.

I had to release the kite, and it also survived being washed into the rocks during a 3m swell with a couple of small holes. All in all, I count myself very lucky. Big thanks goes to the guys on the beach who kept an eye on me as I swam in.

Big thanks to Go Pro for making such a robust camera as well. We were sure it was mincemeat.

Oh and a big thanks to James at www.kentkiterepairs.co.uk for re-sleeving my bar and sorting the little holes in my kite. He's a legend.