"We are Sarah Sylvester and Richard Boughton, the UK importers for Jochum and Nesler, JN Kites. We sell and repair kitesurfing equipment in the UK, take part in competitions and travel the globe kitesurfing. Read all about our adventures here!"

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Middle sized Thursday

We have had some amazing conditions in Devon over the last two weeks. Normally we have been on 11m and 9m kites. Bantham is probably one of the most beautiful kitesurf locations in the UK, and offers that perfect blend of solid waves and pitch flat lagoons. If only it was windy all the time and wasn't so ridiculously cold in the winter!

Sarah managed to get some pictures of some late evening wave riding last Thursday. It was blowing about 15mph and there were some chunky waves. This was the 1st time we have had a chance to use the Da Vinci on the wave. It works extremely well. You can run towards it endlessly, and it's very stable. All that depower/repower allows you to postition yourself perfectly and concentrate on putting your turns in. I can't wait to try the 6m in a storm swell here.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Devon is Heaven

After returning from Norway, we both felt we needed to get our feet on the ground and be in one place for a while so we set up camp near Bantham in Devon. It's an incredible beach with waves, lagoons and plenty of scope for Kitesurfing, Kayaking and Surfing which we have been doing lots of. It's the sort of place you can get out on the water and do something literally every day.

Pic: Light wind wave riding in front of Burgh Island
Pic: Sarah ripping through the lagoons at Bantham

We have also been kiting in various other parts of the south west including the east coast of Devon as well as Cornwall. We have been testing some of the new JN equipment in UK conditions and helping out with the promotional side of things.

Pic: Waveriding with the PD2 in Goodrington, East Devon

We have made it up to Polzeath and Daymer a few times to see Axel and Astrid the JN importers. This has been good to test new equipment and surf on the north coast. Daymer and Hawkers are brilliant, and the next time Greenaway is firing we will be there like a shot!

Pic: Rich and Axel testing the JN Prima Donna 2 and JN Da Vinci BAT
Pic: Axel doing what he does best at Greenaway

We have also been doing the odd session over at Exmouth, which is a great flat water location and has been helping a lot with the freestyle. Sarah is now trying powered kiteloops, and my handlepass is much less far off than it was. It's good to ride with high level riders like Steph Bridge, and also Jo Wilson has been back from the tour and we spent a day waiting for the tide to drop at Exmouth with her. It's great for pushing your riding, great inspiration for both of us.

Pic: Mmmm, the Duckpond
Pic: Steph and her magic race board

We both love Devon, and plan to spend some of the year here when we are not off instructing. We would stay here all year if the wind was consistent and it wasn't so bloody cold in the winter. Next stop is Brazil, we are all booked for mid august.