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Friday, 7 January 2011

Beware youngsters....

Take heed: Too many kite loops and hard landings over too many years knackers your ankles.

I recently had a trip to the MRI scanner, where I spent 45 minutes being scanned in sections by a giant, and very noisy magnet. After declining the option to listen to 'Now 71' to drown out the weird noises, I lay back and managed to relax enough during the scan to nod off, the nurses found this all extremely amusing.

Well, it turns out the middle of my ankle has collapsed and as an added bonus there's a bit of bone floating about in there as well.

So where does this leave me? Good news is I don't have to spend any time off the water initially. I get a flouro guided steroid injection and see what happens. I also get special inserts for my shoes. I always wanted special shoes, so this is a bonus to be honest. Every cloud.