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Monday, 14 July 2008

Waterproof camera fun time

The Sunday after the BKSA event, we had a cheeky session down at Bantham in some nice little lagoons. An aquatic photography genius (also known as cousin Will) was on hand with his waterproof camera and got some very nice shots. He put up with being splashed and jumped over like a true professional and was actually encouraging us to come closer each time. Hopefully he is going to take some more shots with his SLR/ housing at some point. We might have to get him some sort of helmet to avoid any board to head nightmares that may occur!

Pic: Jumping Burgh Island

Pic: Smirking Sylvester

BKSA Course Racing Exmouth 2008

Last weekend Sarah and I decided it was high time we entered a competition, so what could be better than the BKSA course racing event about an hour away up in Exmouth.

Pic: Rich feeling like a giant standing next to other diminutive competitors

It was good to see both familiar and new faces down there. The competition was fierce, with pros like Steph Bridge and Denzil Williams both entering everything with race specific equipment. We thought it would be interesting to see how we could do completely on the blag with no previous experience, twin tips and C shaped kites.

Pic: Sarah worrying the Pros up front

The event suffered from a slight lack of wind. Exmouth seafront isn't ideal in a westerly, as the wind comes off the land, and it's pretty gusty. This didn't lower the level of enthusiasm, and the number of spectators!

Pic: Sarah in her fisherman's racing smock
Every race I entered I seemed to storm off ahead when it was windy, and then sink in the lulls letting all the short people catch up. In the end I thought Sarah would have more chance of winning, so we put her on the 13m instead of the 11m. Tactics. Sarah had a storming race and managed to rip to the front of the field on a 13m WT2 and twin tip and overall got 2nd in the ladies. Woo hoo! Richard, our hydrofoil riding friend from Bantham, won 2nd in the senior citizens race. His Hydrofoil was brilliant in the gusty light wind and he was only held back by his rubbish kites :)
It was a great event, with a relaxed atmosphere and not a hint of elitism. Massive thanks to Steph and Richard for putting on the event and we look forward to it again next year.