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Saturday, 27 September 2008


We spent pretty much every morning for two weeks straight going down to Cauipe early and getting a couple of hours uncrowded riding in before the hordes turn up at about 11am. Initially it was great as we got some new moves nailed and its good socially.

Pic: Sarah's railey development.

After a couple of weeks though you realise the reason your eyes are bloodshot is because the water is pretty dirty. I also started to develop kite rage as you have to wait for ages for space to do your moves. After freeriding in such nice uncrowded places for so long back home, it starts to drive you a bit mental.

Pic: Classic Sylvester frontloop grab with a downloop.

Two weeks straight of kitesurfing for three hours a day ruins your body as well. Knees and ankles start to give up, and you suffer from constant whiplash! All in all we got a lot of stuff sorted out, specially with Sarah's freestyle, but in the end it got frustrating being in the same busy place all the time. This was a real groundhog day. As peak season hit, it was even busy in the mornings with 35-40 kites plus. We needed a bit of a change!

Pic: Kiteloop supreme (Thanks to Jordan)