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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Summer 2011 clear out

Summer garage clear out:

Kite leashes:
• 6 x Powercord Handlepass (posh) = £30 (RRP = £42)
• 4 x Standard JN Leash (normal) = £15 (RRP = £20)

• Used Jib Surfboard 5”10 Quadfin 2010 = £200
• Used JN Chit Chat 2010 134cm deck only = £225
• New JN Circus 136cm 2010 deck only = £180
• Used Slingshot Fuse 2008 149cm 6 fin mutant (complete north straps and Slingy pads) = £120
• Prototype JN Circus 136cm 2010 deck only (white, no topsheet, big JN sticker on it) = £100
• Old 180cm F-One (SX 90?) directional, needs a little TLC and some fins = £50

Pads, straps and fins can be easily organised for deck only boards.

6m JN WT3 2011 (with a few small patches) £375 kite only

Pads and Straps:
• Used Liquid Force Luxury straps and pads used, but VGC = £50 (cost £120)
• New B3 lace up pads and straps. These are dead posh, have interchangeable heel pads with different densities. = £60

Give me a shout on info@jn-kites.co.uk or pop in, or ring me, or carrier pigeon, smoke signals.

If anyone wants any pictures of the goods in question, let me know and I will send them on.