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Sunday, 5 October 2008


We first met Pascale when she rocked up and asked us for a pump. When she proceeded to set up her kite upside down we knew we had a problem. 

I wouldn’t dream about mentioning a 200m Switchblade dragging resulting in some very nasty friction burns and some mild shock. She was extreme in all aspects of her life, specially partying and kite surfing. Once we all got her to calm down a bit, her kiting was awesome as well busting some crazy back loops and violent jumps in a frantic Canadian style.

Pascale did her level best to destroy the lovely new kite that Dani brought over from spain for her. As far as we know it's still all OK.

She's going to kill me for putting that last one up. We miss you Pascale 'Danger' Deschamps.